What To Consider When Searching For Apopka Tree Removal Service

Trying to keep your trees fresh and healthy? We recommend finding the right Apopka tree removal service that suits your needs to make sure it’s a good match.

Do You Need Residential and/or Commercial Services?

If you need to remove trees from your business property, you might prefer to work with a tree removal company that caters to commercial services. Maybe the trees are blocking your business entrance sign and you need the right company to remove it. 


However, if you’re looking to remove trees surrounding your house, which would be considered a residential service, you might want to search for a company specializing in residential tree removals. Some tree companies, like our company, provide both residential and commercial services, so contact the company to discuss what you need to decide if it’s a good fit.


Do They Have the Necessary Experience?

Keep an eye on how much experience a tree care company has in the business. Some companies might be just starting out or they might work as freelance arborists. On the other hand, you could find a company with more than 30 years of experience, considered to be an expert in the industry (Hint: That’s us!).


A quick history on us: J&J’s Lawn and Tree Service was established in 1988. Jeff McMillan who currently runs J&J’s is a state-certified arborist and University of Florida landscaping architect. He cares about tree care and every customer we interact with. Keep these items in mind when you’re searching for a tree removal company.

What Do Customers Think?

Another important factor to consider is what customers are saying about a company that offers an Apopka tree removal service? You can contact companies based on friends and family recommending them. However, what about the tree removal companies you find on your own that don’t seem to have a proper website or a Google My Business page with customer reviews?


Some tree removal companies might be just starting out, they might not have the amount of experience you need to complete your job, or another factor might interfere. Keep these items in mind when you’re searching for a reputable company.

Call For Your Apopka Tree Removal Service

At J&J’s, we know our customer reviews speak for themselves. We’re punctual, reliable, safe, and we truly care about our customers. Contact us today for your free tree removal quote. We’re excited to help you spruce up your property!

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