4 Things to Keep in Mind When Searching 'Arborist Near Me'

We understand there are so many options out there when you’re searching ‘arborist near me,’ and we want to help simplify the process! Check out these 4 factors to consider in your search so you can narrow down the right arborist to get the job done.

1) Years in Business

One of the first factors to keep in mind in your search for ‘arborist near me’ is how long they have been working in the industry. Some arborists freelance, some work for a company, and others own their own business. All of these are important factors to keep in mind with an arborist’s number of years in the business. At J&J’s Lawn and Tree Service, we’ve been operating and serving the community for more than 27 years. Our staff takes care of all customers with extensive precision, safety, and professionalism.


2) Past projects

Another factor to think about is an arborist’s past projects. Their past projects can include who they’ve worked with, what type of jobs they completed, and can include additional information, such as how long the job took and customer testimonials. You can request to see an arborist’s past projects if they’re not readily available on their website.

3) Services

Consider what type of tree services you’ll need an arborist to take care of. If you have palm trees surrounding your house, then you might need to hire an arborist to trim the palm trees once or twice a year to keep the trees healthy.

4) Reviews

The fourth factor to keep in mind when you’re searching for ‘arborist near me’ is service reviews. Some arborists will add customer testimonials to their website. Other arborists will request customers to create reviews on websites like Google My Business, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau to share their experience with potential customers. Positive reviews can help your decision when you’re looking for the right arborist to work with.

Ready to Hire Your ‘Arborist Near Me?’

Now that you have an idea of what to consider when hiring an arborist, contact us for your free quote. We can discuss what you’re looking for, whether it be tree trimming, tree stump grinding, or tree removal. Ask us any questions you might have about your trees, our services, or our experience in the business. We treat our customers like family and want to build trust with you so you’ll know you’re in great hands.

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