Your Business Needs A Commercial Tree Service, Here's Why

It’s essential to make the exterior of your business just as inviting as the interior. Hiring a commercial tree service can help. 

Why you need landscaping: 

Many studies have shown that installing landscaping on your commercial property can significantly increase traffic to your business. It provides curb appeal for your clients and is the first impression you make on them. You don't get a second chance at a first impression, so you want to make this one count! It also provides your customers with a sense of security when approaching your business. Walkways and landscape lighting provide a safe way into the store, and bushes block out potential intruders after hours. Trees are also an excellent idea for creating a welcoming look to the exterior. 


Why you need commercial tree service: 

You want to maintain your excellent reputation and keep your customers coming back. It is vital to have regular maintenance done on your trees to maintain that welcoming appearance. There are some main reasons why it's so important to invest in commercial tree service:

  1. Curb appeal. It goes without saying that healthy, maintained, trees look better. It provides that welcoming feeling you were hoping for. Unhealthy or dying trees become overgrown and lose their vibrant color. This gives off the impression your company is unorganized and messy. 

  2. The health of your trees.  If trees don't receive regular care, they can develop diseases and die. When they die, they become discolored, and branches fall. This is definitely not the look you want to portray to your clients or customers. Hiring a professional to do a simple pruning will generally keep your trees healthy. If there are any underlying problems, an expert will be able to spot and treat them quickly, so they don't become a much larger problem. If there were to go unnoticed, however, the tree can become damaged, and your landscaping can become unhealthy. Unhealthy landscaping can deter people from entering your business altogether.

  3. Liability. Sick or dead trees can become a huge liability for your company. If dead branches aren't removed from the tree, it becomes weak. When they become weak, they have the potential to break off and fall. This could become dangerous if it were to happen to someone walking on your property. If they were to get hurt, they could file a liability claim which you would be responsible for. To avoid this, it's crucial to have all loose branches removed no matter what the reason is. If the tree as a whole is dead, you should also have that removed immediately to ensure there is no damage to your property or those on it. In Florida, another liability concern comes during hurricane season. If you have a weakened tree and a storm comes through, your tree may fall and damage your property or potentially harm your customer or their property. 


Keep your landscaping looking vibrant and welcoming with regular commercial tree service. A J&J we pride ourselves in our exceptional service and beautiful tree maintenance. Contact us today to get a free estimate on the care of your commercial property. 

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