Orlando Palm Tree Service; What It Takes To Care For Your Palms

You love your palm trees because they flourish in this Florida heat and are low maintenance, but here are some reasons you need an Orlando palm tree service to keep them healthy.

Palm trees are iconic. They’re both stylish and practical in the temperamental, mostly hot, Florida weather. They can withstand a lot, but many people don't realize that palm trees are actually very sensitive. Their hard exteriors are protecting a very soft and delicate interior. It's essential to be very cautious when caring for them; that's why having a routine Orlando palm tree service is critical. 


Your palms require specific care to stay healthy and strong. Some of these requirements are: 


Light Requirements

You may think all palm trees love the sun, but that is incorrect. To keep your trees healthy, you need to be educated on the lightening preferences for your specific palm.  


Certain palm species prefer a shady environment. Planting them in direct sunlight will result in the tree burning, which causes them to brown and eventually die. The same goes in reverse. A tree planted in the shade that prefers sunlight will result in a weak plant that has stretched-out tree leaves from reaching toward the sun.


Temperature Requirements

Different palm plants are made for different climates. If you’re thinking of planting a tree in your yard, make sure you’re getting the correct species for our hot and humid Florida climate. Particular palms prefer colder weather and are adjusted to mountain regions. Our scorching hot days would be too much for that species. 

Moisture & Soil Requirements 

There are certain types of palm plants that require water only once a week, maybe less. You want to make sure when you are choosing your plant that you find one that requires a high amount of water. This will guarantee the plant thrives in our stormy Florida weather. 


With the high amount of rainfall we see, it's imperative for the health of the tree that the soil has good drainage. Palm trees prefer moist soil, and oversaturated soil could lead to its death.













As part of our routine Orlando palm tree service, we recommend having regular pruning. This is something that only needs to be done once or twice a year because over-pruning can do just as much damage to your tree as under-pruning. 


It may seem simple at first to trim off brown fronds from your tree, but there is a lot that goes in to properly caring for your plant. Palm trees can be anywhere from 30 to 50 feet tall, and it requires a particular ladder and equipment to get up and trim your palm safely. Another concern is the safety of your tree. As stated before, palms are very sensitive. Accidently gashing the trunk could potentially kill the entire tree. A cut in the tree, much like a cut on a human, can lead to infection. 


You also want to make sure you are cutting the right fronds off. Palms need their green fronds to survive and cutting off one that still has some green to it could lead to an infection in the tree. 



Skinning your palm tree has the dual purpose of both keeping your tree healthy and making it look better. Even after regular trimming and maintenance, it's a good idea to skin the tree. It involves removing excess, dead material from the trunk area, which results in a clean looking tree that can continue to grow healthy. 


Make sure you are giving your plants the best care you can with routine Orlando palm tree service from J&J. Contact us today for a free estimate on the continued care of your most beloved plant. 

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