4 Factors To Consider With Your Orlando Tree Removal Cost

When it comes to your Orlando tree removal cost, tree health, insurance, tree size, and further treescaping are just a few factors that could affect it. We recommend discussing these factors with your tree removal company before scheduling a tree removal.

Here are 4 factors that could affect your Orlando tree removal cost:

1) Tree Size

The bigger the tree, the more expensive it could cost to remove it. The job might require more materials, more employees, and more time. Keep this in mind with your Orlando tree removal cost.


2) Property / Space Surrounding the Tree

If your property is free and clear around the tree, your tree company might be able to remove the tree and quickly clean up. However, if your property contains additional greenery, decorations, mulch, and other items, then it may take longer to prep the area for the removal and clean up after the removal. Consult your tree removal company on how to proceed with the prep before and after.

3) Insurance

Your tree removal service might include General Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation, which could make the tree services more valuable. At J&J’s Lawn and Tree Service, we protect our workers and our customers with these documents in place. General Liability Insurance protects the business from accidents and injury claims. Workers’ Compensation protects the employees to ensure they are covered if they are injured at work. Tree removal is no joke, so we take the insurance coverage very seriously.

4) Treescaping After Removing the Tree

Once the tree is removed, your property may require additional treescaping and landscaping to beautify your yard. We don’t just want to leave an empty hole where a tree once was! You might request a new tree to be planted in place of the old tree, new shrubs, or some decorative pieces for your front yard. This may affect your Orlando tree removal cost, so be sure to discuss these factors with the tree removal company beforehand.

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