Orlando Tree Stump Grinding

Did you have a tree removed but are left with an unsightly stump in your yard? No matter how much you try and cover it up, is it still standing out like a sore thumb? Then you can use our Orlando tree stump grinding services here at J&J’s Lawn and Tree Service

Here at J&J’s, we offer stump grinding. Orlando tree stump grinding is one of the best and most efficient ways to get rid of your stump and roots below the ground level. 


How it Works
A stump grinder will cut away at a tree stump using a rotating disk. This will eat away at the stump and turn it into mulch. The mulch can be used on your property, or we can haul it away for you. 


When you choose stump grinding, you are removing the surface stump, but not the root system. There's no reason to be concerned about the root system, though, as over time this will decay. 


Stump grinding is a useful approach to creating a more vibrant lawn.  


There are many reasons you may require this service:

  • Planting a new tree

  • Replacing the sod for a flawless appearance

  • Planting Shrubs

  • Building a deck, patio, pavers, brick

  • Stumps are unappealing

  • The tree can become infected with sickness or infestation of insects etc... 

  • After storm cleanup 

  • Trying to sell your house


Orlando stump grinding is the economical route for removing stumps, and damaged trees. No longer do you have to spend tons of money to remove damaged stumps. We can help get rid of the tree stump. And with our storm damage tree removal services we can help with that, too. 

We have on hand 2 powerful machines to meet all your Orlando tree stump grinding needs.


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2015 Portable Vermeer SC362
35 horse power
For those tight to reach spots!
2006 Vermeer SC1102
Tow-Behind Grinder -110 horsepower 
For the larger heavy duty Jobs!

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