Storm-Related Tree Services in Orlando You May Need

With hurricane season upon us, tree services in Orlando may be just what you need to keep your house safe. 

Hurricane season brings on the yearly rush to prepare. Our lists generally include everything from bottled water and dry foods, to storm shutters and sandbags. Not many think of preparing their yard, though. 


We believe preparation is key for keeping your home and landscaping safe throughout the storm season. We also know that life happens and sometimes you need some help cleaning up after the fact. Here are some of our storm-related tree services in Orlando that we offer. 

Before The Storm

Tree trimming

Making sure your trees are trimmed back and that any dead branches are removed will keep them from falling and potentially hitting your house and car. Removing dead branches will also prevent any diseases from spreading to the rest of your tree. If diseases can spread, it will significantly weaken the tree, which will make it more likely to fall.


Cabling and bracing

If you find your tree is already weakened or is leaning, you may want to consider cabling or bracing the tree upright. This will give it additional support and help with keeping it secure during high winds and heavy rainfall. 

After The Storm

Clean up

After the storms have hit, you may find yourself with a yard filled with debris. This can sometimes be overwhelming to try to clean up. Clean up can also be hindered by the fact that you may find yourself with substantial and hefty branches. That's where we come in. We go in and clear up the debris from your yard, leaving it to its pristine condition. 


Tree removal

Did you know Florida is the number one state for lightning strikes? Between that and hurricane winds reaching up to 100 mph, your trees have the possibility of severe storm damage. Sometimes your only option, if that does happen, is to remove the tree entirely. At J&J, we have the equipment and expertise to safely and efficiently remove the tree from your property. 


Do you need storm preparation tree services in Orlando? Call us today to get started.

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